Welcome to Our Online SIA Meetings!

Survivors of Incest Anonymous is a twelve-step self-help recovery program for survivors of child sexual abuse. We define incest very broadly. There are no dues or fees. Survivors of Incest Anonymous provides support groups, literature, pen pals, bulletings, and speakers. For more information on SIA as a whole, check out the World Service Office.


12 Steps of SIA
12 Traditions of SIA
Robert's Rules of Order
SIA Definition of Incest
SIA Definition of Ritual Abuse

There are three online SIA meetings at this time, one which occurs via email and two which occur via a website (Livejournal). If you know of any others, please email us!

  • Information about the online step study meeting, and how to join it
  • The online step study meeting itself
  • Information about the online SIA meeting for all genders, and how to join it
  • The SIA meeting for all genders itself
  • Information about the email-based meeting
  • Joining the email-based meeting
  • The email-based meeting's business meeting location

    Please email the secretary of the email-based meeting or the secretary of the step study meeting and all-gendered meeting with any questions!

  • We are learning that we are not alone and we are not to blame for the abuse. Healing is possible. Many people do not live near a town with an SIA meeting, or can't get to one. By starting a meeting online, we hope to help more people find support. Anyone can join. To learn more, please read the meeting guidelines and other links to your left. Welcome!